Catch Me If You Can

Just a couple of random pictures from my adventures

Welcome To The World


Thanks for visiting my website. Welcome to the World of Minnie, Tip Toe. Be prepared for what is in store. I am a mover and a shaker. I do what I want, because I can. I am a wild child I can and will get into everything. I am mobile nothing is out of my reach no matter how high it might be. I will make a way if I see a need. Hide all valuables when I am around.


There are many sides to me, many of which i have yet to find myself. But I know they are there, I like to be in the action and not just sit back and take everything in, like some people do. I am the one that is into everything. Especially now since I get around.


Stay tuned for what is in store. I don't even know but I know it will be worth your while. You have been warned!



  • Tip Toe
  • Spider Monkey
  • Wild Child
  • Minnie
  • Lil Bit
  • Crazy Child
  • Stasia
  • Ana
  • New ones appear everyday




I will be going into Kindergarden next school year. Man I am getting old. On a side note I am almost as tall as my mother in another couple of months we will probably be wearing the same size shoe. Since I have a big foot and mommy has a little foot.